EU Citizen applying for IBD internships in London - sponsorship ?

Hi everyone,

So I'm an EU citizen who is currently preparing to apply for summer internships at BBs in London. My understanding is that after Brexit I will now require a T5 visa with sponsor in order to work in the UK.

My question is, will specifying that I need a sponsor hurt my chances of being screened for an interview ? Some of the BBs ask for this specifically as part of the initial application process, but I've talked to one of my seniors and he said he only mentioned later in the recruitment process that he needed a sponsorship.

Of course, I know that any human who looks at my resume will realize I'll need the visa, I'm just worried saying I need it when filling in the admin stuff will get my application tossed out by some algorithm. What I'm currently thinking is to not mention it unless asked directly, or after I've been accepted for the internship. Thoughts ?

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Jul 27, 2021 - 11:24am

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