EU/NATO rising tensions with Russia

I feel like Poland, Ukraine and East Europe will be ground zero in a few months for another world war. Russia has massed an estimated 260,000 troops on the Western front against Belarus and Ukraine, while the EU is still complacent. EU/NATO aggregate defense spending as % of GDP is something like 1.5%, while Russia is ~10%. West Europe and North America are busy falling prey to Russia's active geopolitical meddling (BLM, "woke" culture, left/liberal extremists, weakening the right/conservative group that stands for nationalism and defense), thinking East Europe will act as a buffer. 

They are wrong.

Poland has recently (last week) recieved credible intelligence that Russia is planning a multi-pronged assault on Belarus, then Ukraine. Soon, the Baltic and Adriatic will fall under Russian dominion. In response, Poland (most "developed" Eastern European country with the capabilities for intelligence gathering) alone has tripled defense spending and has contracted PMCs like Blackwater (Academi) and "black ops" divisions from Lockheed, Raytheon, General Dynamic, Northrop and Thyssenkrupp. Satellite imagery have captured some ~230 military aircrafts flying into Poland, especially along the Eastern front over the course of a week. This should signal that something is coming soon.

Anonymous sources in the Senate and NATO have confirmed that Russia has been developing vaccinations with kill chips inside them to have their sleeper agents swap at US and European adminstering sites. These kill chips takes effect 14 months after injection. 

We're doomed. Russia shall sweep aside the paltry NATO/EU fortifications, reunite with its supporters inside Germany's upper echelon and form a fourth Reich. 

Source: Bloomberg "Kennedy-Loeffler Confession: Red Hell Is Coming" 11/30/2021

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Nov 30, 2021 - 5:19pm

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