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Hey guys, in need of a bit of advice here.
I have a finance graduate programme lined up in a European F500 for this fall and currently doing an unpaid internship in a VC in AUS/NZ. I know not everyone agrees with unpaid internships, but it's a way for me to get some really good finance experience under my belt (from day 1 I had a lot of responsibility and will be able to turn it into really good resume bullets for other job applications, b-school applications etc.) I figured it was a a far more productive use of my summer than studying for CFA level 1 or GMAT.

Anyway, while the VC hasn't made an offer yet, they have asked a few probing questions like what it would take to make me interested in staying with them etc. I'd like to have a good idea in my mind of where I stand before any potential offer is made in the next few weeks.

F500 pros:

  • Several rotations across different finance departments
  • Guaranteed secondment to North America or China
  • EU50k pay with very low cost of living
  • Great work life balance
  • More opportunities to meet people/better social scene
  • Based in Europe, easier to get to London/Berlin for networking with other VCs
  • Additional content on resume

F500 cons:

  • Work will be more boring

VC pros:

  • More interesting work
  • More responsibility

VC cons:

  • Unsure of what pay is

What would you do in my situation? I'd like to move back to Europe and stay in the F500 for a little while before gettig back into VC but it looks very difficult to get an analyst position unless you have minimum 1 year in i-banking, consulting etc.

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Jul 3, 2019