European Bachelor Decision (price vs prestige)

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Hello, I'm 18 and about to start uni. I have an offer from Warwick for EPAIS (BSc economics with politics and international studies), and one for pure economics from Nottingham and Bristol. I only could receive scholarships for the last two. Thats also why I discarded bocconi's economics and management degree (to business-y also).

I am also considering the BSc Economics and Business economics (path: economics) from the Erasmus Uni Rotterdam, the Economics BSc from Mannheim and St. Gallen, as I speak German. I would prefer to work in the English speaking world and to not do a master, but it is not essential. I am leaning towards Rotterdam instead of St. Gallen and Warwick anyways, because of the price tag. Maybe I can do the cheaper MSc at st. Gallen afterward.

Any suggestions which one I should take? I am aware of each uni's reputation (and Rotterdam's low entry requirements) by looking at all the forums I could find. But I don't know if im objectively making the right decision?

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Mar 15, 2019

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Hope that helps.

Mar 23, 2019

I'd frankly see Rotterdam as the top choice if and only if your post-graduation employment goal would be to access the Dutch job market. Really not sure if Rotterdam's reputation means anything in "English-speaking countries" (UK).

If I'm not mistaken (and please someone correct me if I am), Nottingham's Econ. UG Program is a pretty strong target for FO roles (as you explain that ideally, you wouldn't like to pursue a Masters afterwards). I've seen quite a good number of impressive outcomes in IB FO on LinkedIn from Nottingham Econ. B.Sc.. I myself know nothing about the school nor the program, so my whole point of view is objectively based on what I could retrieve from actual LinkedIn profiles. I remain in no way an insider.

Between Mannheim and St. Gallen: two german-speaking schools, St. Gallen wins big time: in terms of brand, in terms of prestige, in terms of reputation, in terms of international visibility for the school. I'm not sure though if the St. Gallen B.Sc. would be a good option if ultimately, your wish is to work in the UK after graduation. But it still remains a full, perfect, #1 target program for the best IB firms in Germany and Switzerland.

Unfortunately, I lack any descent insight about Warwick. Maybe someone else could weigh in here.


Mar 23, 2019

Purely UK: Warwick(target)>Bristol>=Nottingham (semi targets)
Targets for IB (Frankfurt & London): St Gallen and Mannhein.
Semi targets: Uni Rotterdam.

Consider what you'd enjoy studying the most (also what is the easiest to study), where you want to live? Cost of living (ie Switzerland is expensive), campus uni vs uni in a city etc... You are in a great position - apply to spring weeks during your first year of Uni and you should have no issues getting into IB.

Apr 6, 2019

I can only add something for St. Gallen and Mannheim, make sure you look into studying Business Administration (BWL) over Economics, at least in Mannheim it is the more prestigious programme with stricter entry requirements. Also if you want to go to a German school, I'd choose St. Gallen as it as more true on campus recruiting and better ties to the UK (& very good ones to Frankfurt as well). Mannheim has on campus recruiting too, however it is more geared towards Frankfurt and less extensive.

Apr 7, 2019