European Bachelor Decision (price vs prestige)

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Hello, I'm 18 and about to start uni. I have an offer from Warwick for EPAIS (BSc economics with politics and international studies), and one for pure economics from Nottingham and Bristol. I only could receive scholarships for the last two. Thats also why I discarded bocconi's economics and management degree (to business-y also).

I am also considering the BSc Economics and Business economics (path: economics) from the Erasmus Uni Rotterdam, the Economics BSc from Mannheim and St. Gallen, as I speak German. I would prefer to work in the English speaking world and to not do a master, but it is not essential. I am leaning towards Rotterdam instead of St. Gallen and Warwick anyways, because of the price tag. Maybe I can do the cheaper MSc at st. Gallen afterward.

Any suggestions which one I should take? I am aware of each uni's reputation (and Rotterdam's low entry requirements) by looking at all the forums I could find. But I don't know if im objectively making the right decision?

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Mar 15, 2019