European/UK MSc Finance with a 680 GMAT?

So the plan was to apply for top European and London MSc Finance programs in the second round however after averaging around 710-720 in practice tests, I scored a 680 in the GMAT (V38 Q44 IR8). Now the question is do I continue with my application in the second round or do I attempt to up my GMAT and apply in round 3. The quant score is particularly disappointing and given that I'm a native english speaker, the verbal isn't all that impressive either.

Goal programs were LSE, Imperial, St. Gallen, HEC & LBS.

I have applied to RSM and SSE as their final deadlines are soon, however SSE being two years is not ideal. 

Not keen on other UK programs as frankly I'm still questioning whether Imperial is worth the money, so everything below that is a no go. Potentially considering other European programs such as ESSEC, ESADE, CBS?

Quick profile overview:

  • 3.8/4 GPA from prestigious, No.1 university in Ireland.

  • Negligible Work Experience: 3 months in Fund Management Solutions Firm, PT work with start-ups, Campus Ambassador for neobank

  • Decent Extracurricular: 1 year exchange to 'Big 8' university in Australia, Hospitality experience in Italy, decent charity work, some society involvement (no leadership positions though)

  • Languages: Intermediate French, some Italian

Post-MS Targets: Consultancy (Corporate Finance/Strategy)

What do we think?

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Dec 22, 2020 - 11:17am

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