Evercore, Lazard, Moelis, and Jefferies

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Hey all, I am trying to find out more about the analyst programs at Evercore, Lazard, Moelis, and Jefferies. I think I have a general idea, but I think I need clarification. My question has to do with what the process is for determining your group with the bank is.

As I understand it, for:

  • Moelis you are a generalist for all 2 analyst years.
    -Lazard you are either in restructuring or a coverage group. But when do you decide which one you go into?
  • Evercore you are a generalist for a few months then you decide to go into restructuring or a coverage group.
    Jefferies- no idea

So, I may be wrong on some of the above, and don't know some of the info. Could you guys fill me in?

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Dec 9, 2011

Jefferies has generalist til end of October

Dec 9, 2011

LAZ get's groups after training (obviously all M&A in industry verticals), Jefferies has a 10 week generalist program and then commit to a group (strongest hc, m&A).

Both are a factor of networking and performance.

Dec 9, 2011