Ex IB, Current Corp Dev/Strat...What next?

Logged back into WSO after half a decade. Not sure where else to turn to for advice. Little bit about me: Did 3 years BB IB and then 2 years corp dev/strategy at F100 financial services firm. Working remote since last March and not interested in going back to the office (asked to go back in September). To be honest, I would like a change. Don't want to be part of the corporate grind anymore. Looking for a mid-senior role (remote, 9 to 5, decent pay based on my type/years of experience) that offers flexibility and is not too finance-y/analytical. Not too keen on going back to B-school in the near future. Instead, would like to start small business on the side. 

What kind of jobs should I be looking for?

Thanks in advance

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Jun 8, 2021 - 3:51pm

What do you not like about corp dev and strat? Unless you are in a sales production or project management role, I can't imagine not being in a function that doesn't require analytical/financial output. Some roles require less and other more but there is no getting away from that in my opinion. 

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