Excessive I's in Emails/Cover Letters

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I'm out of school searching for FT spots. At least half of the sentences in my introductory emails begin with "I". I can't find a way around this without making some sentences sound more awkward than they would be if they began with "I".

For a 10ish sentence, ~140 word introductory email/cover letter, is it bad to start 5-6 sentences with "I"? These are mostly cold emails introducing myself to firms for IB/finance positions, sometimes followup emails from a brief conversation with a higher-up, so they're not official cover letters sent through an application system.

I guess it's a question of rewording a couple sentences to have less "I's" vs keeping the I's and having a perfect sounding, but redundant with "I's" email....thoughts?

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Mar 1, 2010

Why not start some sentences with "my?"

My leadership experience doing X in undergrad led to Y and Z and taught me that it is not necessary to begin as many sentences with the word "I."

I know what you mean about having a cover letter that sounds like it's full of "I's," but a little work will fix it.

Mar 1, 2010

Well, if you read it and feel there are too many I's, than how perfect sounding can it be? Reword a few.

When writing my cover letters/emails, I just try to make sure it doesnt sound robotic. "I did this, I went here, I am this, I am that, I can do that...."

Try to make it sound conversational.. Now sure if this is a good strategy, but I think it comes across better than I, I, I, I, I....

Mar 1, 2010