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Aug 23, 2006

Obviously there isn't going to be one single answer. Hedge Funds (and most top places) tend to take whoever excels at what they do, and are obviously very bright.

That being said, management consulting seems to me, a less than optimal field to use as a springboard into a HF. Especially since you're not developing expertise in an industry (usually), or involved with investment decisions on a day-to-day basis, or really focusing on cultivating financial savvy.

Sep 4, 2006

maybe if you're in CPC

Sep 8, 2006

management consulting is very broad, you might be just doing project management in some industrials sector, hence no day to day investment decisions etc.

however if we were working for a strategy consulting firm doing advisory on M&A type of things, then maybe its a different story

Sep 8, 2006

One of my interviewers at Bridgewater Associates had spent two years as a consultant, and then got hired by the hedge fund. He switched because it "wasn't what he wanted to be doing".

Of course, he also went to harvard, which probably made things easier, but it certainly happens.

Sep 15, 2006


any insights into the interview at BWater? how technical was it for entry-level? any unusual or was it typical finance interview?

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Sep 12, 2006

If you go to one of the big 3, you can go anywhere you want when you get out...especially if you work in Bain PE

Sep 15, 2006