Exit-ops from finance rotational program - unique circumstances

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I just started my final rotation in a 2 year corporate finance program at an F100 company. My first three rotations have been in finance operations, corporate FP&A (least favorite), and an investment analytics function (where I taught myself VBA and automated an inefficient process that was always relegated to me and a coworker). I found that I quite enjoyed the programming bits, so I managed to snag a Special Projects role on the Capital Management team for my final rotation.

So far, I've been enjoying it a lot - it's almost exclusively ad-hoc projects, math- and statistics-heavy, involves complex model-work in Excel, and I have been learning Python and R for certain projects. While I can see myself staying in a position like this full-time, I am fairly confident this team has no capacity for a full-time analyst, so I would very likely end up in a less stimulating role after the rotation is over. I'm mainly writing to ask what sorts of positions and companies fit my skill-set profile, and where I'd be most likely to get an interview.

My team also has a market intelligence function that evaluates our competitors, their business models, and their services at a granular level - should I lobby to get some exposure to this function? It seems like this would prep me fairly well for a research role focusing on the particular industry my company serves (do banks have sector-specific research roles I could apply for in this case?) I would be sacrificing the more technical work I'm doing now, and wonder if the trade-off is worth it. Any help is greatly appreciated!