I had an inteview with a BB IB last week, everything went well, the follow up from my interviewer even told me that I "did a great job", and that she hoped to "send me timeline for second round interview" after her meeting with the boss. A week later, I got rejected! I'm really disappointed, as I was extremely intersted in working for them, researched a great deal on Sales & Trading and the company itself. After the interview I even started day dreaming about my future with the firm (reality check I suppose)

Now I'm worried about my chance with another BB firm I interviewd with.. the interview was not as good as the first one, and since the first one rejected me, the second one must also reject me as well... I'm not betting on it!

My lesson from this: take what your interviewer say with a grain (or more) of salt!

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Yeh, it happened to me as well. I thought everything went well so I sat back and waited. Next thing I know, DING!

I still feel a bit cheated, though. It's as if someone stole the job away from me.

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Hi...sorry to hear that.

Sometimes having intuition isn't a good thing...for me sometimes when I think I did bad...I end up doing good and vice versa...so don't jump into conclusion just think neutrally...hope for the best but prepare for the worst...but definitely don't get discouraged. I don't know if you are from target or nontarget...but apply to as many places as possible whether it's through your school, online, or watever...

There are a lot of ibanks out there...if you just want experience...doesn't have to be a BB..then there are a lot of opportunities...you just need time to find them

Here is a quote that I like "Good. Better. Best. Never let it rest, 'til your good is better and your better is BEST"

Good luck.


if you're at a target and got it through ocr, then some of the interview even when they have no seats left, to keep university relations. (seriously!) goldman does this alot, but others too.


happened to me too, it's worse than a rejection

Master is right on


Thank you guys for respodning. I feel better about not getting a second interview now. All we can do is keep going and hope that we'll at least get one offer.

Although I do think that interviewing even when no space is available for the purpose of maintaining relationships is very unethical! Shouldn't toy with people's emotions :p

Good luck with your internship/job search!

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