E&Y audit vs. Deloitte ERS offers, need insight.

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My girlfriend got offers from both of these business lines. They are both in Charlotte, and the Deloitte salary is slightly higher, though she likes the E&Y employees significantly more than Deloitte.

We are looking for any insights on these business lines related to:

People's experiences, how much they learned, how much they enjoyed it, exit opportunities, etc.


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Feb 1, 2016


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Oct 31, 2011

Essentially, you're evaluating:

  • Audit
  • IT Audit (ERS)

Audit sucks. The hours are long, the work is boring and the exit ops aren't stellar - but they're there. Work hard enough (and pray for a better economy), and your knowledge of accounting, attention to detail and ability to work long hours for shitty pay could turn into a gig in IB/ER. (Disclosure: Will require heavy networking.)

IT Audit sucks less on the surface. The hours aren't nearly as bad (think 9-5 or so), the work may be slightly more interesting (not much) and pay is slightly better. Exit ops are tougher to come by though, because you don't really know accounting and you're not really a "consultant". That said, people who develop seniority (Manager+) in ERS are sometimes put on more IT-Consulting type roles - but even these will be limited to making sure that an ERP system is installed correctly or evaluating modules. More "strategic"-type consulting roles will still go to the main consulting group. There's no hope of leveraging ERS into IBD/ER or any front-office role. You could certainly aspire to something like "CIO" or "Head of IT" at a company though.

From what I hear, ERS is a "lighter" group with a better atmosphere. Most people there actually want to be there, a sharp contrast to audit.

Hope that helps.

Edit: As the poster above noted - both options give you a direct path into Internal Audit at virtually any company you'd like - including BBs and F500 companies.

Oct 31, 2011