F100 FP&A to Equity Research post MBA

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Hi Folks,

Looking for some guidance on ER jobs.

I have about two years of FP&A experience at a major global Food & Beverages corporation (think Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Kraft) in India and will be applying to top finance focused B-Schools (Wharton, Booth, Columbia, NYU) next fall (will have roughly 4 years experience at the time of admission). I am also working towards the CFA and will be appearing for Level III next year.

My long term aim is to work in Asset Management industry (mutual funds and not hedge funds) as a PM. Since I don't have prior experience in ER/banking, I am focusing on getting an ER job after the MBA and then trying to switch towards the buy side.

How tough would it be for someone like me to get into Equity Research from the above B-Schools post mba?


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Mar 31, 2018