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I'm a rising junior currently interning in an F500 finance leadership development program (FLDP). I attend a target school, and I've always wanted the opportunity to intern on Wall st. I have a 3.5, so I'm not sure if I would even land the opportunity. However, if I did land an offer with the help of networking, should I take the Wall St. offer rather than continuing with the F500 FLDP?(The FLDP would put me on track to becoming part of upper management within the company) The only reason I would like to work on Wall St. is because I would love to have the experience and I would have better exit ops if I ever wanted to switch jobs. But ultimately my goal career wise is to be an F500 executive. So what would you guys suggest? Take a wall street summer internship if I could land it? or stick to the FLDP?

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Jul 1, 2012 - 8:22am
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