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Hi all, new to this forum on the site so forgive me if this has been covered. 

Currently an analyst 1 at a top BB tech group debating between doing on cycle growth equity or waiting and trying to land a role at FAANGM/etc or a startup (FP&A, strategy, etc at a late stage or Chief of Staff earlier stage).  

I'm interested in anything corp dev, FP&A, or strategy. To be honest I only understand the differences at a high level and not the nuances (career/comp progression, subsequent roles, etc) but don't think I have a genuine interest in investing and think these roles would be much better WLB with still decent comp. 

Any information on finance roles at FAANGM and late stage startups that recruit from IB, the recruiting process and timeline (headhunters or networking, on cycle or adhoc), comp, and career paths in this direction would be helpful.

Also appreciate links to any other threads or resources that may address this 

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Dec 29, 2021 - 11:12pm

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