Failed Study Abroad Course

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So I am studying abroad this semester and I am currently studying for finals. Only class credit transfers and not my grade, so basically my grade does not affect my GPA. I know for grad school applications I will have to submit my abroad institution's transcript.

My question is, how heavily do business and law schools look at study abroad grades and what would happen if I failed a course or just barely passed with a poor grade?

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May 15, 2018

There is an optional essay portion that you can use to explain things. I had low grades (not failing) my final semester of undergrad due to medical issues. I thought it looked bad given the timing, like I was just partying or something. For one M7 school I used the optional essay to explain, for another M7 school I didn't and I was accepted at both. My take is that they use it more as a tool to make sure you really studied what you claimed to while at school.

May 15, 2018

Not sure if it works differently in your school, but grades in an abroad course don't affect your gpa as long as you pass. If you fail, it comes back as a 0.

I took a rigorous quant course while abroad (stupid, I know) and got a D-. Came back as a pass and didn't affect my GPA. No employer has asked to see that transcript.

May 15, 2018