fall 2009 internship advice

hey guys,

i'm a rising soph at northwestern in the mmss program. some quick info - decent EC activities, < 3.4 gpa (tough program). currently interning in india with a healthcare startup, working on a rotationalesque system with the marketing, operations, and finance departments.

i had a question regarding fall internships. my schedule for the upcoming fall quarter is light enough to where i think i can handle an internship during the week. instead of taking another class, i figured the work experience would prove to be more beneficial.

my question is - where do i start the application process?/how do i even apply? i understand my best bet for a job is probably applying to either boutique firms or middle market firms. at this point, i'm undecided between consulting and banking, but i've read that consulting firms rarely offer internships, and especially not for the fall.

that said, i've checked out the list for the boutique firms in the chicago area. should i just cold call? how likely is it i'll be able to get an offer?

i appreciate the help.

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Jul 26, 2009 - 10:59am

Is it very likely, no, but if you don't make the effort at all, you are guaranteed to get nothing. Your best bet is to search around for boutiques, both consulting and banking (who cares if one doesn't like to accept fall interns as much, it doesn't take much to give it a shot), and just start reaching out. Many boutiques will have email addresses and phone numbers online - use them. Put together a quick introductory email to introduce yourself, your interest in the firm and industry, and your interest in learning more about any potential need/any potential opportunities for an intern this fall semester - they should see from the school that you are local, and that it is an easy way to get some help if they may need it. Be proactive and let them know that you will call them in the next day or so (assuming a phone number is online) to make sure they received the email, and discuss the firm/any opps/your resume/etc. Does it work all the time - absolutely not, but it's worth a shot, and outside of getting lucky and seeing a position on Craigslist, efinancialcareers, or your career site (which you should check out for specific opps), this is your best bet (assuming you don't have several industry contacts).

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