Family Business to Investment Banking

Well as the title suggests I'm looking to do this strange move to IB. To give some background, I graduated in 2019 in business administration in India and started working in my family business to help my father for a while and then Covid hit. Since we run a computer consultants firm, the lockdown ended up short staffing us and demand from our clients increased and thus I couldn't just bail out. My job is to handle the operations, deals and bring in new clients. In August I'll be starting a masters in management program at a target French Business school (Top 5 in FT, QS rankings). The program is basically for freshers (0-2 years of work exp) but I'll be 23 by the time program starts and probably 26 at time of graduation ( gap year to gain work exp and all). Any tips or suggestions how I should play this out? 

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Apr 29, 2021 - 7:50am

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