Family Office - Executions Trader (Hedge Fund Strategies)

Hi all,

I am currently interviewing for a role in a small Family Office in London. The role is for an Executions Trader (and back office) position for a new hedge fund strategy. Currently, the FO is not in the hedge fund space but is looking to launch the hedge fund in the coming months, hence the open position.

I am wondering if anyone has any information on what an Executions Trader at a Family Office actually does? Would this be comparable in terms of prestige to HF/PE?

My main concern is that the office is very small, and the starting salary is very low (compared to HF industry). This is likely to pick up significantly if the fund does well. But I am concern about the exit opportunities if things don't pick up after a few years.

My background is 1.5 years experience in Market Risk at a tier 1 IB, top undergrad and chartered accountant. Any insight or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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Jan 3, 2018