Have a preliminary 1st round interview coming up with a relatively small multi family office / hedge fund (AUM: $600-$700mn) - Investment Research Analyst and not sure what to expect.

Some background about myself: Economics & Finance undergrad background and now working at a bulge bracket in iB.

As far as the interview is concerned, being a first round interview, what type of questions should I expect more of:
Fit / Behavorial, Technical, or brain teasers, etc? What type of questions should I be on the lookout for specifically?

Should I have a pitch ready for the first interview (long or short idea)?

What Fund specific questions should I ask for first round? To note, I am already familiar with what the fund invests in.

What company based questions should I ask? Like things on culture, "normal" day questions, upward mobility, etc?

How should I prepare For any salary/comp based questions just in case the interviewer wants to gauge how expensive I would be? Or does it not work this way at all and you simply get an offer?

Feel free to add anything else that would be helpful! Open to ALL advice, recommendations, and suggestions please. Thanks ahead of time!

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