Family Owned Business Worker to Career Switch

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Hello All,

I'm an currently an employee at my family's business and enrolled in a part time MBA program. I choose part time to keep a steady income and the business is a growth stage. With my MBA I'm I want to make a career switch into finance or management consulting, I-banking is out the window because it's a part time MBA. My long term goal is to have the ability to evaluate businesses and markets to either start my own ventures or buy businesses to grow and sell.

I've worked my way up to COO in my families business, and learned a lot but I believe working for a larger firm will give me a new outlook paired with my MBA to be a better entrepreneur/investor in the future. In my current role I've learned from filing up to finance and running the day to day operation, I've assisted and lead strategy and have had many ups and downs. I know a lot about the grit and dedication it takes to build a business but I have no corporate experience.

I'm asking the forum for a bit of advice on my path and maybe other avenues to success that I may be overlooking. Or maybe someone that has navigated from a similar place to another industry or career path.

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Dec 27, 2017