Favorite weird/random bloomberg functions?

Very slow day at work today and looking to see if there's any interesting/weird/fun bloomberg pages/functions out there to mess around with. Just recently was introduce to the "NI SPORTGAMB' page

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Jul 31, 2020

The strangest function that I've seen that changes the color of the layout to dark blue is home, then alt + f4.


Jul 31, 2020

POSH - basically craigslist where people sell everything from watches to apts. usually all relatively nice/exp. stuff

READ - I almost prefer this to TOP or other basic news functions because this shows what people with bloomberg are actually reading the most

HOT (may be misremembering) - Highlights people who are being searched most that day, Trump, or hedge fund managers in the news, etc.

can't really think of many other fun ones, will update if I do.

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Jul 31, 2020

HURR - track hurricanes and other weather patterns in real time

BMAP - track cargo boats / large ships

DINE - restaurants

Jul 31, 2020