Feel like I'm going to be stuck in this job, what do I do?

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Last May I graduated from a non-target state school. I majored in finance and economics, and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a 3.94 GPA. I didn't have many EC's as there weren't any finance or investing clubs, and got shot down twice when we tried to start one. In terms of work experience I did an FP&A internship at a midsize infrastructure company, and I'm currently working at a F150 pharma company as a financial analyst.

At first I really enjoyed my job. I thought the industry was interesting, my boss and director are great, and the pay / benefits are pretty good for the work-life balance. However, now that I've been here 10 months and have a better handle on things, I don't know how much more I can take of this. The work is mind numbingly boring, repetitive, not challenging, and I'm no longer learning anything. I recently got a 5 on my performance review so I'm trying not to let it impact my performance, but I'm really starting to lose motivation.

That being said, I don't really know what I should do, or hell even what I want to do... Corporate development or strategy is most interesting to me but I don't see myself getting into IB or consulting without an MBA. I'd also be interested in credit research but I can't afford to start studying and sit for the CFA.

I don't want to do back office work like this for another 3 years before I go back for an MBA, I don't think an MSF would do me much good (maybe I'm wrong?), and I literally have zero alumni in any of the above roles. What should my plan be here? I want to get out ASAP but I have no idea what to do.

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Feb 5, 2019

Suck it up. Get a CFA on your spare time. Get promoted and go to a top tier MBA. MSF is a waste of time and money for you.

I feel you on FPA sucking though.

Feb 7, 2019

Have you tried requesting for a move to the M&A team? What about Big 4 Transaction Advisory / Corporate finance teams. Know of many people who do not have MBAs in that team. In fact the vast majority of people do not have post graduate qualifications.

And why can't you afford to start studying for the CFA? If you want to save money, the materials can be easily found online.

Also, on your comment about being stuck. You can't keep your options open forever. At some point you need to pick your horse and run with it.

Feb 7, 2019

If you did poorly on your performance review, maybe the work isnt as easy as you say...

Feb 9, 2019

I guess my company does it backwards then, 5 is the highest rating

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Feb 7, 2019

Have you talked to your manager about different projects you could get involved in? Perhaps there are some where you could interface with the M&A team in your company. If not, that's okay, it'll still get you exposure and hopefully propel you into a promotion.

I'd aim for a promotion ASAP, communicate with your manager that you want a promotion and ask them for the necessary steps. You'll want this promotion ASAP so you can use it in your MBA applications.

Start studying for the GMAT, get involved with something on the weekends that you can become a leader in. You have time to build a story right now for your application. Take use of this time.

Get into a top MBA program and make the switch. It seems like it's a ways off, but it's really not. Give yourself goals, whether it be special projects at work, leadership opportunities outside of work, study goals, whatever.

If it truly is unbearable (I've been there, so I get it), start networking - friends, random people in jobs you're interested in to see if you can work your way into a more desirable job in the meantime. Don't forget to internally network too, your manager may be able to help you more than you think.

I get the drudgery a job can be, but start looking to see what you can do in your current spot to get you into your next position. You mentioned that you like your manager and director, start there. They know you're young and just starting out, they won't be offended that you want to explore different areas, and they might even be able to help you.

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Feb 9, 2019

Hey thanks man, I sent you a PM.

Feb 8, 2019

You obviously have a lot going for you, so the first thing would be to stay positive. It's not like you're a bank teller coming from a community college with a 2.5 gpa. I've seen people network from FP&A to consulting and corporate strategy so that's definitely an option. Even though you may feel stuck, you're likely in your early twenties and are the polar opposite of stuck. Start applying places, crush interviews, and flat out go after it- you'll get there.

Feb 9, 2019