Feel Like I'm Spinning my Wheels - Unhappy in Current Role

Hey WSO,

A year and a half out of school now, working in Risk at a BB. The role is all reporting, and is not what I want to do long term at all. Feel like I have not learned anything or developed my skills, like a Analyst should be doing, despite working 11-12 hours a day on average (which I know is average if not below, but just to give you an idea).

Would love to move internally to FO (to IB ideally) or a Credit Analyst role but in order to do so I have to polish my modelling skills and prove myself (ie. take CFA). The only thing is I have no time in my day to study, network or really do anything because I am doing BS stuff for the entire day that keeps me busy. Get in at 7, get home by 8:30 on a good day. Its almost a Catch 22. I feel like I am stuck in the mud with no immediate place to go.

I find myself always wanting to be productive and just wanting to learn everything, but unfortunately I just don't have time to. And for the short time I do, I feel so overwhelmed - should I read the WSJ, study for the CFA, look on LinkedIn, etc.

Feel like my options @ this point is wait and hope something opens internally, or look externally where I feel like my resume is not as competitive to land a role in the area I want.

Any advice? Really appreciate it.

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Mar 2, 2017

What about the weekends? What about education internally (check your intranet)?

Mar 2, 2017