FIG post MBA: Rankings and career options

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Hey Guys,
How do you consider FIG for post-mba opportunities? Are FIG post-assoc opps for PE even slimmer than that of other groups? I dont think i like PE but i like to have "opportunities". What do FIG bankers do if they decide to leave banking? Do they go to industry, PE or HFs?

Also, which are the best FIG groups. Is the following "ranking" correct?

MS, JPM (any considerably better than the other?)
... the rest
Where does Barclays stand in the ranking?

I know that GS FIG is a top group, however would you agree that if you dont get into GS, MS & JPM FIG then it would be better to try another group?

I have a FIG background so I think that i would do really well in FIG and probably advance "quicker", however do you guys think that that leverage is not worth it if I dont join GS, MS or JPM?

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Nov 19, 2012


Nov 19, 2012

GS the best obviously, MS, JPM, Barclays (ex Lehman people), BAML and Citi all pretty good as well, mostly in that order.

Jan 10, 2014

Anyone have an update to this thread? Or new information to provide...I am in a similar situation and am curious what options are available to those that go into FIG post MBA.

Jan 11, 2014

GS has the most dominant FIG franchise. JPM's is strong as well. BAML consistently scores at or near the top of the league tables in FIG as well, but it is neither its firm's strongest group (M&A, Lev Fin, and Sponsors are) nor mentioned in the same breath as the other two.

I can't offer much insight on post-MBA career opportunities, unfortunately. I did see on LinkedIn an Associate move from GS FIG to TPG Opportunities in SF the other month. I think that is an exceptional anomaly rather than any kind of norm, however. He was also an A2A promote. It's harder (from what I've seen and heard) for MBAs in banking to move to the buy-side (for all the reasons discussed numerous times on this forum already).

Feb 28, 2014