Final year student looking for advice

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I'm going into my 4th and final year at the Manchester Business School (UK) doing a BSc (Hons) International Management and I'm now looking towards graduating next summer and I would like to have an internship or job lined up for when the time comes.

Just a bit of info about my experiences, etc.
Academics: Currently on a 2:2 with 57.5% worth 1/3rd of my final grade. I expect to be well into the 2:1 grade when I graduate (hopefully 65-70%). I also spent a year abroad at NUS (Singapore).

Work experience:
- Kiosk assistant at Manchester United, I think it's good to include due to customer service and fast paced work environment.
- Volunteered as a summer camp counselor, worth adding for showing I don't mind working long hours, with a team and for organisation and communication skills (I did the role in Germany).
- Sales & Business development intern at Valeo, a French MNC in the automotive supplier industry (I am doing this internship in Spain).

- I won a team trading competition organised by BP and a university society and I came 3rd in another individual one organised by Citi and a university society.
- Mentored 4 international exchange students at my university as well as 13 first year business students.
- I speak French fluently as well as decent Spanish and German.
- I have traveled to 31 countries (lived in 6).
- Computer skills: Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Basics in QlikSense, QlikView and VBA.

That's about all I think might be worth mentioning in my CV.

So, on to the question.

Naturally the aim of any wannabe consultant is MBB, however due to my grades I believe that would be a near impossibility for now, at least without a lot of networking.

How about tier 2 firms? Such as the big 4, Accenture etc.? In the UK most of them ask for applicants to be on track for a 2:1 (60%) so being just below that at the moment does the rest of my CV make up for the lower grades? I actually have no idea if the rest is any good or not, the lack of a consulting internship is what worries be the most, but then perhaps the international travel and being bilingual make up for that?

If not, would I have a shot at boutique firms that may be less demanding? If so, any recommendations on decent firms from whom I could potentially move up from later on (or stay at, who knows).

I am not fixed to the UK, I don't really mind where I work after graduating.

Any advice is welcome. Thanks!