Finance/Accounting Jobs Outside of IB in Canada

I was wondering if anyone knew what jobs outside IB looked like in Canada. Toronto overall has less of a finance scene than NY so I had a few questions.

1- What finance related job do most people go into besides banking in Canada?

2- What's PE, HF, PWM, Financial Analysis, Corporate Finance, Corporate Development and Asset Management like in Toronto?

3- Is consulting as developed as IB in Canada? Is it mostly at the Big 4 or is there a lot of MBB presence?

4- Accounting in Canada has extremely low salaries compared to the U.S, is it the same for PWM, Corp Finance, and other non-IB finance jobs?


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Feb 4, 2018

Hi bakerbanker, just trying to help:

  • From Private Equity Associate to VP in Private Equity a little above what you'll find in investment banking, something north of $100k. Private Equity ... is far, far more difficult than investment banking. In order to get into private equity, it's ... Associate vs Investment Banking Associate Why go through the hassle
  • Overview of Infrastructure Private Equity a lot of fund managers competing for deals in all regions globally. And infrastructure isn't ... players that invest in infrastructure, can be broadly divided into fund management firms (either dedicated ... asset managers or fund management arms of big diversified banking
  • Here are the Target Undergraduate Schools in Canada to energy-related finance and IB in Alberta. The PRIME program (which manages an Investment Fund like ... doesn't crack the top 3. I've seen a lot of posts asking about target schools for finance in Canada ... less going on here than in Toronto and Calgary. Vancouver has a lot of
  • Private Wealth Management/Private Banking Guide for Associates Management? Private Wealth Management or Private Banking is the management of the assets of ultra high net ... Banks, independent asset management firms and third party consultants are very involved in Private Wealth ... decreased. Private
  • Out of Investment Banking, Hedge Funds, Private equity and Venture capitalist etc, People in which industry make most money? Out of Investment Banking, Hedge Funds, Private equity and Venture capitalist, Consulting firms, ... Prop Trading, Asset Management, corporate finance and Recruiting firms, and other Finance industries(if ... I missed any) People in which industry make most money? ...
  • QQ-Finance/Accounting Internships at F500 Companies Quick question: What do the finance/accounting internships at F500 companies such as IBM, HP, GE ... exactly I'm applying to when applying to these F500 junior finance/accounting roles. Thanks a lot, ... and if anyone knows of any other corporate development, FO internships at these F500 companies, ...
  • Ask me anything: I'm a private equity associate in Canada and help out with any questions about working in / recruiting at investment banks, private equity and ... hedge funds in Canada. I graduated from a non-target in Canada, worked at a Canadian bank for two years ... and have been working in private equi
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