Financial modeling problem: How to remove spaces from numbers that were pasted from a PDF file?

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Hi all,

I have this issue: I copy pasted the financial statements from a PDF because the company didn't have their statements published in excel. Now I have the text on the left and the numbers on the right. It happens that excel doesn't understand that those are numbers and I can't use them for formulas. The output for a SUM is 0. The numbers are in format 5 000 000 with the two spaces in between the thousands and millions. If I delete those spaces manually, excel accepts them as a number and works. But I have loads of them and I need to change only the range of cells that contains the numbers, so I don't need a macro that deletes all spaces in the file. I tried changing the cell type, tried TRIM, SUBSTITUTE, but it doesn't work. I need a smart macro I guess. Suggestions?

Thank you :)

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Nov 3, 2018