Financial modeling self study courses

Was wondering if someone could suggest to me the best financial modeling self study course they've used. Some older threads on this, but was hoping to get an update.

Mostly interested in the 3 statement projections. An intense cashflow modeling would be beneifical as well. I'm in a fairly niche group so I'm not sure if there is a case study on my industry. Would be happy to explain a little more over a PM.

Appreciate the help.

Investment Banking Interview Course

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Feb 6, 2019

Multiple expansion is a good place to start. Then when you're ready for a challenge - Macabacus

Feb 7, 2019

Second this. BIWS is good but some $$ involved. I know the other course promoted on this website is good as well; have a few buddies that used it.

Feb 9, 2019

Thank's for the reply. I don't mind paying for courses if they're good. Unsure if this'll change your reponse.

Feb 9, 2019