Finding a role in Credit/market Risk

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I'm currently in a Corporate Treasury Risk function at a BB firm, trying to move into Credit or Market risk but it's been difficult to do externally. Most recruiters don't give me a chance since I don't have precise Credit or Market work experience, but I'm intelligent and passionate about having a markets-related role that isn't revenue generating.

I just interviewed internally for a Credit Risk Hedge Fund Analyst role. Made it to superday and didn't get it. When asked for feedback the hiring manager said I was a great fit but could be stronger on my technicals/knowledge of specific role I'm interviewing for. I'm frustrated because I met four different people for dinner who work the same job in the weeks leading into the interview. I knew exactly what the role entails. I spent weeks reading about derivatives and hedge fund strategies and reading up on markets every day before the interview. I was barely asked any technicals and the questions about the industry were all easy. Not sure what happened here but I'm pretty crushed and don't know how to navigate now that the only internal listing at my firm has been filled.

Feeling stuck and running out of options. Any advice on how to make this move?

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Jan 22, 2019

what type of technicals did you get during the interview process?

if you're coming from a treasury background and interviewing for a credit risk role. then the hiring manager's biggest question mark for you will probably be your ability to analyze and interpret financial statements...

Jan 22, 2019

Hey td12, what's interesting is I wasn't even asked about financial statements although I was prepared to speak on them had that topic come up. I was asked about my industry knowledge and for current market events which I knew about. This is a first year analyst role. I majored in Finance and I have working experience, although it's not credit experience. I'm so frustrated that they wouldn't take a chance on me

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Jan 23, 2019