Finding a tailor (Austin, TX)

Hi all,

I recently took delivery of my first tailored suit from a Tom James consultant, and really happy with it.  However, I am wondering if what I paid ($1100 for Suit, shirt, tie, vest) is too much compared to what I might get from another shop or independent tailor.

I am in need of a few shirts and slacks.  For belts and shoes, I go to Allen Edmond and I'm real happy with that.  But the shirt/slack choices I am not sure where to go, or if I should just buy from the Tom James guy who makes it real easy, or if I should find a new tailor, or if I should just go for stuff off the rack (I really hate shopping).

I'm in Austin, and would love a referral, if even just to comparison shop.

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Mar 2, 2021 - 4:59pm

Honestly, at that price range, you get better quality suiting off the peg from specialty purveyors. Tom James is mediocre quality and really bland.

I'll assume you're a youngish guy and that off the rack clothes can look great on you with some basic tailoring.

Check out Ring Jacket/The Armoury collaborations [when on sale]. Quality and style blew me away! Canali on sale is great too.

If you're still hell bent on custom clothes in your price range, take a look at My Tailor (shitty website and marketing, but a great product) as they do trunk shows around the US

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