Finding analysts for a particular sector

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Hi all,
Is there any web site that lists all the analysts from different banks that are covering major companies in a particular sector? Say i want to find out the analysts that cover big cap pharma/

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Oct 23, 2007

Look at a major company, then look at analyst coverage in the investor relations section.

Oct 23, 2007

Hi there,
I have looked there. All i could found the name of banks covering the company no the name of analysts of their contacts etc. Any suggestions.

Oct 23, 2007

you don't have a friend with access to bberg or Reuters.

As a starting point, most companies webcast their results conference calls...

Oct 23, 2007

There is more than one company in a sector. If you can't find it in one, look at another company.

Also try Yahoo Finance Star Analysts, lists some names.

And always, look at conference call transcripts. Always lists the participants. Transcripts are usually available on company websites, Thompson, or SeekingAlpha.

Feb 21, 2008