Finding Small Boutique for Freshman Year Intership

I'm going to be finishing freshman year at a target school this spring and wanted to get a start looking for finance-related experience this summer. Right now, I'm a part of finance clubs at my school and have had some non-finance experiences in software and business. From what I've seen so far, corporate finance, small name boutiques, and search funds are opportunities I should be looking into for introductory experience. I'm hoping I can use family network to possibly land a corporate finance gig for the summer, but my family doesn't have any knowledge of IB, so I'm trying to figure this out myself. That being said, I was hoping to get experience at a boutique firm in Chicago this summer. I don't want to shoot outside my bounds this year, so I just wanted to ask guidance on finding firms that are small and not that big to cold-email to look for positions for the summer.

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Nov 26, 2021 - 1:13pm

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