Finished internship at a LMM PE Firm, what now?

Hi guys,
I'm a 4th year (completing a 5th year) at a non-target school trying to work my way into MM PE (short or long term future). Down the line, my goal is to get accepted into a MF. I am aware of how hard it is, i come on here to seek your advice on how to achieve this goal and what summer analyst position I should consider for this summer. My experience is the following:
1st year summer: worked at a WM firm (250MM AUM)
2nd year summer: worked at a F100 IHQ as a finance intern.
3rd year fall: worked at a LMM PE firm as a junior analyst. (work consisted of mostly going through CIMS, completing due diligence and deal sourcing.

I'll be graduating next year and this summer have a few places i'm looking at:
I'm in the process of being recruited for a corporate banking internship at a BB
Also recruiting for a hedge fund in the Chicago area
Got accepted into a boutique investment bank (specializes in LMM sell-side M&A)
Got accepted into a local WM firm (for a full year, not just the summer).

I want to know from you guys which internship I should give the most consideration to in order to land future PE jobs.


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Mar 12, 2019