Finishing up a rotational program. What's Next?


Hello y'all, long time lurker here,

Graduate of semi(?) - target business undergrad and coming up on the tail end of a 2 yr rotational program at a large bank where I did rotations in asset management research/strategy, statistical modeling, and general project management.

It's been a solid experience, got much stronger at coding and developed a much better understanding of markets but I don't see too much of a future here for me and my own general itch to move and desire to be closer to the family seems to call me to NY.

As I brush off my resume and begin the external search, i'm kind of at a loss as to how to even start and what kind of roles would be available to me.

Edit: Mainly want to target asset management roles & consulting roles, i'm just curious as to whether or not that is possible or if I'm an attractive candidate in any form.

Would appreciate any advice.

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Mar 6, 2019 - 9:13am

For starters, obviously roles within those groups that you rotated through would most likely be on the table. I'd draw out a like/ dislike list for each rotation, that should narrow down your options and give you some direction. The object here is to figure out what YOU like, and then act accordingly to get where you want to be. Do you dislike banking? Are you an introvert/ extrovert? What projects energized you, and leveraged your skillset? All questions you should be asking yourself.

Additionally, I'd look at the salary/ lifestyle/ trajectory, etc. for those roles that you consider. For example, you may see consulting as a great fit, but realize the deal-breaker is the travel and the hours because you want a family in ~5-10 years. Odds are you won't find a panacea, but ideally you want to get as close as possible. There are plenty of AMA's on this site to sift through to get a better idea. Hope this helps, happy to answer any follow-ups you might have.

Mar 6, 2019 - 9:29am

Hey rothbard814,

Much thanks for the response. I guess I should have been a bit more clear. I generally enjoyed doing quantitative modeling, and really enjoyed the asset management side. But I do believe I would hit a ceiling in the quant field without a Ph.D or general affinity towards advanced math. That being said I don't want to completely abandon coding as I view it as a valuable (and pretty fun) skill set.

I guess i'm targeting roles in AM and interested in consulting roles in the NY area, just not sure how I would go about reaching out and getting started. I'm not particularly to picky about lifestyle, I just want the option to drop by my parents house when I want to.

Thoughts anyone?

Mar 6, 2019 - 9:51am

Perhaps there are some roles within AM that would leverage your coding skills, I agree that it's incredibly valuable. There are definitely others on this board that can give you a more pointed answer.

In terms of reaching out, considering you went to a semi-target, linkedin would be a good start. You'd be surprised as to how receptive a random alum would be to answering some questions.

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