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The introduction of the FINRA SIE Exam is an important change for new hires looking to obtain a licensed role in the finance industry. By removing the sponsorship requirement for the SIE, FINRA has made it so that people can take and pass the SIE Exam before applying to a job. The expectation is that this will become standard practice for those seeking a role in Investment Banking, Wealth Management, Trading, or Analysis.

One of WSO's most important services to its community is helping people find new jobs and take their first steps into the finance industry. Passing the SIE Exam is now an important part of that process.

This new paradigm is best served by a new approach, as people will now be preparing for these tests on their own and often after hours. We've partnered with a modern test prep provider called Achievable that has built their product and content with this new reality in mind.

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We previously partnered with Achievable on their Series 7 product, and we're even more impressed by their SIE Exam edition. They've built an attractive, functional interface that works great on your browser and mobile device. The product is also the most technically advanced on the market, using learning science to optimize your review schedule for the maximum return on the time you study.

Brandon Rith, FINRA Instructor The technology and product is only one part of the equation - the content has to be excellent as well. To this end, Achievable brought on Brandon Rith, Founder of FINRA Tutoring company Basic Wisdom, to write their FINRA SIE material. Brandon has an impressive background as a FINRA Instructor and team leader at Fidelity Investments, earning the Fidelity Investments Excellence in Action winner for Licensing Facilitation eight times and being ranked #1 Licensing Facilitator nationally for Fidelity Investments in 2016. His conversational tone makes the material easier to approach and helps you stay engaged.

Achievable has a free trial with no credit card required, so you can give it a test run before deciding whether you'd like to purchase it. You can sign up here or use the form below.

We hope that this becomes a valuable resource for the WSO community. If you have any questions or feedback, we would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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