Fired for a bullshit reason

Have any of you been fired for a bullshit reason? I was let go yesterday from a part-time job that I've been at for roughly 7 months. Now I didn't care about the job, it has no relevance to what I want to do (it's a WFH data entry/customer support role) and is not even listed on my resume. Plus, I already have a role lined up after I graduate so I didn't need it anyway. But it really pissed me off. Maybe I was at fault to an extent, maybe I should have communicated better but it still felt like a bullshit reason to let me go. 

I get a call from one of the managers and she was all apologetic and told me that I was being let go because "I missed a shift which I was scheduled to work" I told her I had let my direct supervisor know my internet was down that whole week and I wasn't able to show up for any shifts. My direct supervisor told me it was fine and told me to send an email to the staffer to let her know and so I did. I thought I was covered on my end. Anyway, the internet comes back up I show up for my shifts, everything's good. The two main supervisors I work with, tell me I'm doing a great job and that my QA scores are great. I then get completely blindsided two days later with that call from the manager. She also mentioned that I missed another shift which was marked unexcused, I was sick and called out but couldn't get a doctor's note within 24hrs even though I did send one in later the next day. They told me not to worry about it. Lastly, she said I logged off early - I looked at the logs the earliest I logged off was 1:57 pm... my shift ends at 2 pm. That only happened a handful of times in 7 months. Technically yes, I did log off early so I guess she had a point there haha.

Turnover is very high at this company, there were 6 people in the training class with me in the first week, I'm the only one here now. Supervisors have an average tenure of less than 1.5 years. They are chronically understaffed and don't pay enough for the quality they expect. I don't know... maybe I shouldn't have logged off at 1:57 pm. I'm still pissed off because I was literally one of the best employees there, handled everything they told me to handle, and actually did try to do a good job and help out our customers. I feel it shows in the QA scores and what my supervisor thought of me, literally never had a comment from them suggesting this would happen.

Is this fair or am I just being a bitch?

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Nov 30, 2021 - 4:57pm

Your side of the story makes me think you didn't do anything wrong. Best advice I have is to just move on - I def can relate to being pissed about situations where you feel that (and may be correct in arguing) you were wronged, but no benefit will come from that.

If they have high turnover and bitch about logging off 3 minutes early, then "fuck 'em", but in the same breath just forget about them.

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Nov 30, 2021 - 6:14pm

I understand your conflicted feelings, it's a crap job that has no bearing on your life but your ego is rankled because you did a good job and don't deserve to be fired.

Now, we are only getting your side of the story, so you obviously are portrayed as being totally wronged for no reason. I find it hard to believe the situation was so one-sided, but I also know that some companies are just run very poorly. But why fire a part-time kid who isn't doing bad? Strange.

My advice is to feel what you're feeling. You were fired for no reason and that sucks. But also be thankful it was from something you don't care about. It's also a good lesson to learn that companies and colleagues don't really care about you, only family does. I've been at banks that have exited countries and industries before and I was collateral damage. Luckily, I have always been able to escape the burning ship but it reminded me that they don't care about right and wrong or who is deserving and who is not.

Nov 30, 2021 - 6:38pm

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