First Year Analyst, worst in my class?

Currently a first year analyst at a small boutique with 4 other analysts in my start class. Before my class started, I heard that all the other guys were talking me up the most (went to the best school of my class, had best prior experience/internships, seemed the "smartest", etc).

However, it's been 3.5 months in and it feels a lot like I've slipped to the bottom of my class. My first few assignments I made some really stupid errors because I lacked confidence and it kind of snowballed from there. Now I feel like I'm more comfortable but i can't help but feel like the 1-2 teams I worked with at the beginning were disappointed by me and told everyone based on how bad I was at the beginning.

Fast forward to now - all the others in my class are slammed with work. A couple are on 3 live deals and I'm struggling to find work. When there's new staffings I see the staffer ask the others about their capacity but not me. Am I just overthinking this or is there something to what I'm observing?

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Oct 25, 2019