Fixed Income Credit Analysts - How Much Time Do You Spend Analyzing New Issuances?

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Fixed Income Credit analysts, how much time do you spend analyzing new issuances (new bonds) to make buy recommendations to your PM?

I am spending 4-6 hrs per new issuance and I'm not sure if that's too much / not enough. (They all have very similar structures)

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Feb 8, 2013

Why is time even relevant here? You do the analysis, then have a view on where the bond will break/trade. Either you're right or your wrong. If you're right, you might be spending the right amount of time on it, but maybe not. If you're wrong, it may have nothing to do with how much time you're spending on it and totally on the assumptions you're making wrt to the industry/sub-sector, comps, covenants, technicals, etc. Stop thinking like you're in high-school/college and that time spent means something. Work smart, not hard.

Feb 9, 2013