FLDP programs with less of an accounting focus?

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Hey all, I just finished up my junior year and have an internship lined up for the summer, but I am starting to prepare for recruiting in the fall. I am looking into FLDP programs, but I know that accounting is not something I want to end up in, and I've heard a lot about some programs having a main focus on accounting and end up placing most of the FLDPs in accounting roles. Does anyone know strong FLDP programs that have less of an accounting focus and offer opportunities in corporate strategy or corporate development?

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May 21, 2018

I'd say that most FLDP's have a focus on finance rather than accounting. If you go onto the career page of companies you are interested in, there will likely be a page or a brochure with information about the different rotations available in the program. WSO's FLDP guide also has a huge list of companies with FLDPs and a few profiles on what the program looks like.

May 22, 2018