Flex 2BR?

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I'm on a fucking roll today, I think six or seven stupid ass topics created. Let's keep it up, here's another:

Anyone live in a flexed 2 bedroom apartment? My soon-to-be roommate and I are looking at some places in FiDi and have found some pretty sweet lofts, but a wall has to be put up to make it a 2BR. Is an 800 square foot apartment big enough for two people, and what's it like? Thanks for any input.

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Apr 8, 2009

fidi is awesome if you're looking for simply a place to sleep

fidi is dead after 7pm (nothing is open)

fidi will be hell of a lot cheaper than other areas

2br flex should go no more than 3000 (esp. in this economy - prices were all drastically lowered through all neighborhoods in manhattan)

Apr 8, 2009

yea I would only suggest FIDI if you're looking to save some cash or are working in that area....i'm in the same boat as you, but am looking more in East Village/Chelsea/Murray Hill area, where rents have also dropped quite a bit.

Apr 8, 2009

i live in fidi and im moving out when my lease ends. lots of space, nice apartment, good value but its just a hassle being down here. at this point ive realized that id rather my apartment be a hub than the final destination.

the space is nice for parties and such but ultimately, on most days, i just need it to be conveniently located so i can stop back, change, go out, or whatever I need to do. at this point its a hassle to go anywhere and no one feels like dragging their ass all the way downtown to chill.

on the weekends, you eat away at your rent discount by paying a taxi premium and it really does end up. after hour drinks end up costing an extra $18 b/c ur drunk so u might as well take a cab from midtown

saturdays I have trouble sleeping in because there's construction going on everywhere. sunday, the duane reade is closed.

food options are also lacking. your bar options are pretty much 2 options on the opposite end of the spectrum: stone street or dingy dive bar. and when i mean dingy i dont mean like dirty chill LES/village dive bar dingy. i mean like dirty anddisgusting, with a terrible crowd of people you have no reason associating with

again the space is awesome but ive realized that location is far more important. we had initially NOT wanted to live down there but we compromised due to price point. now that rent has come down dramatically we are making moves

Apr 8, 2009

Thanks for the info guys. Do you actually live in a flexed 2BR? I'm trying to figure out if it'll work.

One of the reasons we are attracted to FiDi is because nearly all of the buildings have a gym, all utilities included, huge laundry rooms, and a concierge that takes care of dry cleaning. For $1300 or less a month each, that's pretty solid. It is a bit out of the way, but there are subway stations all over the place so it shouldn't be too hard to commute to and from. Of course, all opinions are more than welcome and appreciated.

Apr 8, 2009

ive lived in a flex 2BR and its not bad. depending on your layout, you'll still have room in your LR for a tv, reasonably sized sofa, etc. the flex bedroom should be spacious enough for a queensize bed and a desk.

the only obvious downsides are

1)no closet in flex BR
2)no windows in livingroom thus no light (although u can get fake walls w/windows at the top but its not really worth it)

its a very doable setup and very common.

again, if you work in fidi, then its really not a bad deal. its definitely nice to live in a lux high rise w/all the amenities. if you end up living elsewhere w/o say concierge/doorman, then you deal with other issues like getting packages delivered and stuff.

Apr 8, 2009

Thanks for your input.

I've never lived in the city so I feel like this might be a nice way to "ease" myself in. I'll still need to adjust, but having laundry, packages, mail, dry cleaning, etc. easily handled will make it a bit easier. We're actually trying to find a corner flex 2 so we can end up with a window in the living room.

Did you live in one of these buildings with a gym? How late/early are they generally open? That's one of my concerns. It's great that they have a gym, but if it's not open when I'm around during the week, it's a useless amenity.

Also, how much does a wall cost to put up? I spoke to a broker and she told me it's usually $600 - 700, but I feel like that's a load of shit and awfully cheap.

Apr 8, 2009