Flex apt. in NYC. Anyone have any experiences?

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Looking for a new place in the city. Ideally, would want a 1 bedroom flex'd into 2 bedroom within in a luxury building. Anyone do something similar before? How spacious is it?

Places to check out/ places to avoid?

Neighborhoods - Midtown East/West or Murray Hill, Gramercy luxury buildings.

Typically for these, its no fee right...? since you go directly to management.

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Jul 1, 2014

Are you saying you want to split a flex 2? Generally flex 2s are normal size 1 bedrooms that people put up fake walls in and then have no space otherwise. Obviously the bigger you get the more you spend and it depends on the area. The only flex 2 I've seen that was less than 4k total rent that I thought was OK spacewise was in Fidi which is pretty cheap comparatively. Gramercy, Chelsea and Murray Hill will be more expensive than Hell's kitchen and higher midtown east. If you can find luxury building openings on your own it'll be no fee it's just hard to find them. A buddy of mine walked around and just walked into any luxury building he likes and asked if they had vacancies so it can work.

The one company I know that has a lot of nice no fee apartments for reasonable prices is Bettinaequities but they are mostly in the UES with some downtown on the east side. But they have no doormen, which I've never cared about because it adds a lot to your rent for no real gain if you have a closed off mail room.

Jul 1, 2014

Yes, looking to rent a 1 bedroom apartment, which we would then add a wall that makes it 2 bedrooms. Looking for some good buildings in either Midtown West or East.. (or FiDi)

Jul 1, 2014