Flexible work in finance?

Where in Finance do flexible work options exist? European family offices? Small asset management firms? Private wealth management?

Or alternatively, where does flexible work definitely not exist? E.g., investment banking? PE?

Flexible work being reduced work week or year.

All Europe

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Feb 1, 2020

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Feb 10, 2020


Feb 19, 2020

If you want a reduced work week the only thing I could think of is being a trader in Indonesia or other parts of Asia. Not all markets are open 5 days a week, some have shorter trading days as well. That being said, I have no idea if these people are in their office or just ignoring me on those non trading days.

I suspect you mean an environment where you have flexibility in when you leave the office and have the ability to work from home in evenings or when required. That will all depend on performance, corporate culture, and seniority. Few sell side shops operate that way, buy-side might have more flexibility but that will depend on lots of factors.

Below is a link to some information I posted about my daily routine in response to a question. It should give you some idea of flexibility. I would say that my current role is abnormal based on conversations with various sales people over the years. This is likely as good as it gets. Since posting this I've started waking up at 4am to work for a while before hitting the gym at 5. The concept or reduced work week, on a regular basis, just doesn't happen. In this business you always need more time, not less.


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Feb 25, 2020