Flipping The Switch - When & why did you commit to the "path"?

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What flipped the switch that made you want to get into high finance? How'd you find out about it?
Friend's parents?
College classes?

Besides the obvious allures ($$$, exit opps), was there anything specific to you that drove you to this?

Background: SEC non-target. Literally went into finance because one day as a senior in HS my buddy told me that his brother went into finance and that it's "the move" (kid's brother actually went from MS -> VC). Didn't even know what high finance was until Junior year of
college. Still somehow got a superday with a 3.2 at a decent regional MM with bad internship experience & a summer "project management" job at a contractor. Interview went well but I declined because I would have to have lived in a shit city away from family and I also deferred graduation an entire year (interviewed as a senior for an SA spot). Idk if I would've even got the offer, who the fuck knows. I do not regret this at all currently.

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Nov 16, 2018

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Nov 30, 2018


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