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Does anyone know of any recruiters or recruitment companies in Florida (not sure if they separate into regions but ideally east coast area).

Specifically looking more on the principal/ownership side compared to brokerage. However, i'm assuming if they do real estate recruitment they would cover all real estate (development, private equity, brokerage, etc).

Any insight or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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Jul 2, 2019

I am pretty sure Michael Page and RETS are all around the country.

Check Select Leaders too.

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Jul 2, 2019

Ok thanks!

Jul 2, 2019

Any local Florida people have any boutique shops? Or know of specific people who have helped them in the past?

Jul 2, 2019

Not from the area so probably not a ton of help, but Big Rock Partners is the only boutique I know of. I have a buddy from undergrad whose dad is a Partner there

Jul 2, 2019

Thanks! They look like an investment firm, ideally looking for a recruiting firm who works with a large number of REPE shops or REITS that basically does the hiring for them. But when i meant boutique i meant like boutique recruitment firms

Jul 9, 2019

Good luck - Florida principal side CRE opportunities are scarce, especially outside of Miami and it is hard to break into Miami without the network. I went through this 2 years ago.

Jul 9, 2019

as InVinoVeritas said it is very hard to break into the principal side of CRE in Florida. Good luck though.

Jul 16, 2019