For the resume: Help me recast what I am doing as PE intern associate for resume?

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Help me rewrite what I am doing as PE associate intern for resume.
1. Is this cash flow analysis?
2. This has been first week only.
3. I'm interested in IB. I'm a non- traditional applicant coming from medicine. (First year of med school, specifically.)

1.Analyzed (parsed?) multi-year tax return statements to conduct cash flow analysis of two potential new business acquisitions from broker via MS Excel.
2. Generated MS Excel spreadsheet of cash flow (based on template?) (focus P&Ls?)
3.Via Excel computed and analyzed margins of profit and margins of ebitda.
4. Using margins and independent analysis of industry factors using industry M&A flash sheets(is that what that was?) generated one-pager to discuss with principal whether to pass on new acquisition. (Include some of the logical statements I made in analysis particular to industry or no? Not sure if the one-pager ended up being relevant)

  1. How relevant is this to ib analyst work?

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Aug 20, 2017

1) delete via MS excel
2) this bullet isn't adding anything, delete
3) delete via excel, add more context here. What did you do once you computed them? What was the reason for this task. If possible add more details about the bigger project that this was used for (i.e. assisted on evaluating an XX size acquisition of a XX industry business by analyzing margins and ..... ). From the way you phrased it, it sounds like you just divided GP by revenue.
4) Don't say using twice. Say something like "analyzed investment opportunity and drafted memo outlining industry trends, investment highlights and risks, and financial returns for investment committee use" or something like that.

In general,

  • Add more contexts and results: What was the bigger project? What was the result?
  • Quantify when possible
  • Are you sending out your resume now? It will probably be better once you have more context.
Aug 23, 2017

Thanks @58 that was really helpful. So, it's not cash flow analysis, after all , but I can say assisted on evaluating... acquisition...analyzing profit margins and margins EBITDA.
When you say size company, would I know by given Working Capital figure (for purposes of resume)?

I'm doing mostly new business development for a startup fund, it would seem.
I have asked if I can get experience in: due diligence calls, presentations to investment committee, management calls, building models.
For the last one, I may first try self-study of building models online.

Would you mind if I PM'd you about my work? V. helpful your contribution


Aug 30, 2017

Sorry just saw this, but ya go ahead!

Sep 14, 2017