For those of you working in Tech CF - What's your experience been like?

Hi everyone,

I have met many CF people across virtually all industries except for Tech, especially top Tech firms like Facebook, Apple, Tesla, and Amazon, and I am very interested in what's it like doing CF for these firms.

For those of you that have worked, have worked, or know people that have worked in these industries could you tell what you're experience has been like working in a CF role in such an innovative industry in terms of lifestyle, pay, general culture?

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May 31,2015

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May 31,2015

From what I've heard it seems like generally these companies (even the ones rated "best places to work") aren't great places to work in a business support function. Specifically, I know at Amazon many if not all FAs are working 60 hours per week and in some cases getting closer to Big 4. If it's what you want to do, great. It's also a great stepping stone - work for Amazon for 2-3 years and jump to a start-up as CFO or something similar.

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May 31,2015

I have a good amount of friends that work at Amazon. If you can get the right group there it is a great stepping stone. Most people hate the culture at Amazon though. I heard it can be a pretty shitty place to work but its good experience. Pay is pretty decent with first year analysts making 72k per year. Turnover is through the roof. Hours depend on the group probably averaging just under 60. AWS FAs get worked the hardest.

May 31,2015

From someone in the lower middle-market of tech (healthcare) CF:


Experience (Really Good): Probably what makes tech CF so hot right now. You get much more cross-functional exposure given that tech CF is needed for scaling many different parts of a business. It's the kind of experience that I've gotten job leads for Director/VP roles at other tech firms. Lead our operations department (3 months), closed 3 financings (VC, PE, Mezz), closed 2 M&A deals, completed client contract negotiations, restructured IT department, supported sales team strategy, etc...

Pay: Could be a slight con in comparison to larger tech companies. Base @ -20% against a typical tech F500 role. LOT of equity though; typically, the earlier the company (we're Series C), the more equity to go around.


Lifestyle: Long hours, probably due to the VC-backer's reputation for growing companies quickly. 6 day work weeks are typical, range between 60-75 hours. I've peaked at 90 due to acquisition and capital raising deals closing on the same week. Definitely expect the average of 60 at any other tech company.

May 31,2015