For those who in or completed their MBA, how did those who had spouses manage at your school?

Hey Monkeys,

I was curious about hearing from those who are/were at MBAs and had class mates that had spouses. Obviously we are all aware about the Married But Available mantra but I was hoping to get some more personal observations.

Did the person with the spouse miss out on the experience? Did they party at all? Did they invite their spouses with them during some of the partying ? What do you think they could have done better to make having a spouse less of a hindrance?

I understand that partying is one of the biggest bonding experiences so I am curious about the dynamic and what worked and did not work.

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Oct 23, 2017

So, still applying to b-school but I imagine a lot of this has to do with each individual spouse and your relationship. Like you could ask each of these questions of any person with a spouse? Does your spouse party with you or do you mostly go out without them, if so, does your spouse give you shit for it or let you live? Sure, there might be some weekday outtings that a 9-5 working spouse wouldn't be able to be a part of, but whether they're cool with it seems pretty individual, no?

All the school tours I went on made a point to talk about how SOs are part of the community and totally involved in lots of social outtings. I think how much you take advantage of that is really couple dependent. With the average MBA entrant having 4-6 years of work experience (so age 26-29ish) at the time of matriculation, you're going to have expect a number of long term committed partners, engaged couples, and married couples. I think this would be similar to most late-20's friend groups, but that's just my observation.

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Oct 24, 2017