Fordham Gabelli Lincoln Center (160k debt) or Baruch?

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So basically despite working my ass off in high school and getting good scores (1520, 780 math2 790 chem) etc I got rejected from all target schools. My only options right now are Fordham Gabelli school of business at Lincoln Center with $40k/annum in debt, University of Rhode Island at about $10k/annum debt, or Baruch. Investment banking has been a lifelong dream of mine, so I just want to go to the place that'll maximise my already slim as hell chances. Everyone's telling me that Fordham with $160k debt is nowhere near worth it, and I should go to Baruch which is waaay cheaper and then try to transfer out to a target school. However there's no guarantee my transfer apps will be accepted (I mean I got rejected now didn't I? It could very well happen again), and then I'll be graduating from Baruch, which according to a few comments on this website is career suicide. What do I do? Also no one is even considering URI, is it that bad?

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Apr 14, 2019