Foreign Central bank --> Buyside?

Is the buy-side in NY/London possible following 3-4 years working front office in a foreign central bank?

Assume the bank is relatively small, I would have had regular contact with the president/execs, would have been involved in the interest rate decision making process, would have been writing and presenting macroeconomic reports to the presidents/execs, would have experience on the money market desk, and the currency is (at the very minimum) reasonably well traded worldwide.

Is this background marketable to a global macro orientated buy-side firm?

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Yes, I've seen it happen a few times.

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Can you expand on that teldar? What role in the central bank would be best? On the money market desk, or the macroeconomic policy/decision making team?

Is a Masters degree probably necessary to make the transition?


policy/decision making team would be your best bet, although if you can somehow get experience across the board, it would be great.

The guys that I know went to top MBA programs to help them make the move. Assuming you don't already have an advanced degree in economics, you might want to do the same.


Yes, such a background is marketable... The breadth of your experience (i.e. both policy as well as implementation) is a definite plus.


Interesting, I am pleased to hear that. I don't have an advanced degree. Would a masters in finance + economics from MIT, L.S.E, Oxford or Cambridge provide the same opportunity as an MBA?


They might, but those programs are usually targeted at new grads, and as a result, recruiters go to them for entry level roles. You could still find the kind of job you're looking for by attending one of those programs, but recruiting will be more difficult than it would be at MBA program like HBS/CBS/Wharton/Booth/Sloan.


Hi teldar, thanks a lot for your input. Would you say that spending 2-3 years at a major central bank can help you get into top MBA programs like the ones you mentioned?


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